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  ICRH Antenna

ICRH Antenna

Heating in the ion cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF) has widely beenapplied in fusion research. Heating and current drive using ICRF antenna havebeen proposed in Current Fusion reactor experiment machines ,such as JET, Toresupra, EAST and so on. ICRF antenna are mainly composed of faraday shield,current strap, cavity , transmission line and vacuum feedthrough.

In the frame of the evolution of their fusion experiment facilitiestowards actively cooled steady-state metallic environment, have decided tocreate joint projects on common interest science and technology issues of longpulse operation for fusion devices.

One the main Projects identified by the Parties at theEffective Date is the Joint design of long pulse ICRF antennas suitable foractively cooled metallic diverted environment, and jointly build and procuresuch antennas to the EAST and WEST tokamaks. An important issue for the WESTproject is related to the operation in H-mode (access and sustainment), whichrequires a significant additional power provided by the ICRH system. A level of9MW during 30s and 3MW during 1000s are the main objectives for the ICRH systemwhich comprises 3 antennas. Regarding to the EAST ICRF antenna, A 12.0MW ICRF system with long pulseoperation up to 1000s in a frequency range of 25 to 70 MHz has been built forthe EAST at ASIPP. In this context, therelevant cooperation topics for the foreseen ICRH system between CEA/IRFM andCAS/ASIPP could address are listed below:

  • Continuous RFoperation

  • ELMs tolerancesystem

  • Coupling on Hmode edge

  • Metallicantennas with reduced sputtering


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