The First Cooperative Conference Between ASIPP and IRFM for EAST and WEST

On September 25-27, 2013, Dr Xavier LITAUDON, on behalf of the Institute for Magnetic Fusion Research (CEA/DSM/IRFM, France), conducted a visit to the Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) with his other six colleagues aiming to have a cooperative communication with ASIPP. This is the first visit of IRFM to ASIPP since they have signed the agreement for the creation of an associated laboratory (AL) in July, 2013. Dr Yuntao Song, Xianzu Gong and Yanping Zhao, on behalf of ASIPP, actively organized and participated in this cooperative conference.

During this conference, the two parties conducted a series of discussion about the three main projects in AL, namely Articulated Inspection Arm (AIA) for EAST and WEST, Long pulse ICRH antennas for EAST and WEST and Joint Task Force on Long duration plasma operation for EAST and WEST (experiments & modeling). All these joint projects will both deepen the communication and bond between both sides, and exert far-reaching effect on fusion field in the near future.

This fruitful meeting between the two teams has led to the establishment of an explicit research program and formulated detailed schedules/tasks for each project. Besides, active discussions about relevant technical issues have been accomplished among all the attendees. This conference is regarded as an important milestone since the AL has been established and deemed to exert guidance for the implementation of the specific projects. Finally a joint web site has been set-up to ease the communication between the two teams and has been hosted by ASIPP.

In the course of the conference

Prof. Eric conducts a summary

Group Photo


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